Forex for beginners 

How to start

This is a question that many people ask. Here, I am trying to give a basic idea to those who love to join Forex. It will be very easy for you to work when you have a good knowledge on this subject. This is an easy way to earn a lot of money and therefore it requires a good understanding. So those who start their carriers are better to join with a good planning as well.

Actually Forex is the largest exchange market in the world. Just like the stock market in Sri Lanka. Also this is the only place that any person can join and earn without any conditions. Therefore it is possible to say this as a large job market. There are no limits to the available job opportunities in Forex.
In this article, I have only given you a brief description on Forex. I have provided you more details in the next article. This article is a guide for those who begin their carriers.

A Small Devotion

It is essential for beginners to have some devotion. It is not time, but for you to get a better understanding. If you are in need of earning money in this market, a better understanding is what you absolutely need, in order to succeed. The one who knows the way will reach the destination. Therefore it is very important for beginners to have a good enthusiasm and devotion to learn about basics. If somebody thinks to earn money in a second, this is not the appropriate field.

Be organized

It is not possible to do this job without a good organizing skill. Some people even do not read the articles I have arranged in an order in the same order. They read here and there and try to understand. It is impossible to understand anything if you read like that. These articles are arranged in an order because they are meant to be read in the same order. So read those in the same order and it will be a good training for you while learning about the Forex.

No need of a high education level

Now some people may be wondering whether it requires a degree or a diploma to understand the charts shown in the software. There is no such need. But it is always an added benefit if you have at least a minor English knowledge. It is because we receive most of our information in English. It doesn’t require a basic education as it is a method of earning while getting trained. Those who get a better training will earn more.

Don’t be greedy

Some people are craving for money. They start with asking “How much can I earn per day?” while not knowing a word about Forex. They ask how much can I earn if I invest 100$ and they need to earn hundreds of thousands out of that. If somebody thinks like that, it’s the time to consider your thoughts because most of them are going to be unsuccessful. These types of people are the people who are ready to spend 10 or 15 hundred thousand, if they were told that they have a chance to go to another country illegally. You can earn a lot using Forex, but it requires a great commitment as I mentioned earlier and you should not be greedy.

So, how to start?

People who like to join and earn shall read the articles in an order from next article. Then you will find what you need to get enrolled. If you continue to work with the articles, you will gain a good knowledge effortlessly.
But I got to request you a major thing. Do not open an account just because the letter has arrived to open an account. You may destroy the opportunity of another person who is truly willing to do it. So please do not open an account unless you are really enthusiastic to continue working.

Only Demo Accounts

Also it is important to mention another fact. I am publishing these data in two main streams as Demo User and Members Only way. It is done for your own benefit. I thoroughly refuse opening real accounts and depositing without any knowledge. Therefore Demo User Articles in this web site are used only for training in Demo Accounts.
Nobody can use real money in those demo articles. I never appreciate that. If somebody is to put money in their accounts, it is essential for them to get a “members only” passwords. These are the only people who can really earn a profit. It is done to maintain the order of this training and then I can assure you the profits for those who follow the regular pathway. But remember; only demo account trainees can become a real account member. I only offer membership to them. Therefore real money can only be deposited by members. So inform me once you reach the last article for Demo users. Please watch this video to have a better understanding.
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