Importance of Using Forex

(Now we are getting more and more close to start the job. Now you should have a good amount of understanding. Forex is not that difficult to understand. Trier is the winner. I won that way and that is why I am telling these via this web site freely. Now you can read this article. In this I want to show the importance of this to the people without any job).It’s only Forex trading that we can earn money from home other than stock market in Sri Lanka. 
But still many people haven’t shown enough interest to understand and use it. (Actually many people are feared. It’s just because of lack of knowledge. Some people who tried to learn bits of Forex and got lost are now making other people afraid. So how come Sri Lankans are going to win).I’m writing this article to explain the beginners about the importance and method of Forex.

Forex market and Stock market

I have described about the difference between the Forex market and Stock market in a previous article. Please read this article from here. Stock market is a very reliable method of income. But with the falling state of it, it is very difficult to think about earning a good income with it. (If somebody think about the stock market, better check on with somebody who is really involved with it.) If some people joined with stock market you can ask them the truth about it. But Forex market is different. If you are joining this with a competent knowledge (Manual trading) you can earn a lot using even a small amount of money. (I didn’t mean earning hundred thousand using Rs 5000. If somebody think like that they are not suitable for this). However there are enough people that have joined this and destroyed their money just because of trying to deal with a little amount of knowledge. Also there are people who have started with a very little amount and grown in leaps and bounds very successfully. (These people are rare. It requires a great deal of knowledge for that). In stock market you need at least Rs 100 000 to have a good amount of profits. But in Forex even 50$ can give you benefits. (Now some people may start blaming where does the money come to us to invest for these. But if you look carefully you’ll see that you are wasting a lot for smoking and drinking. Some people give thousands for others to find jobs. I’m telling for all. But if you can invest them here, you’ll be a very happy man in the end).

New Business and Forex Market

Are you planning to start a new business? Then think about this. Normal businesses are very costly. They need a large cost to start. Also you need a place to do the business. Even if you invest 1 million for these, you have to spend for electricity and other expenses in long term. Your business will get successful on the number of buyers coming to you. But how many people have lost their money by trying to starting new businesses? If you have invested them in Forex, you could have earned a lot without any expenses. You don’t need to pay water bills, electricity bills or telephone bills. Yu can do it from your own house. But until they lose their money, many people don’t see the correct way. (Now many people do businesses after investing millions. But it gets successful only if buyers are coming. Some people are successful. But 90% are lost.)

Not only for you, but also important for our country’s economy

Most of Sri Lanka’s foreign currency comes from Sri Lankans who are employed in foreign countries. How? They send money they earn and it becomes foreign currency. Also no any country can develop their all needs by themselves. So this is very important for a country. Remember, you are also doing the same. When you take your income, it becomes our country’s income in a similar way.

Is Forex Market Safe?

Yes. It is one of the most reliable and a largest investment centre in the world. It exchanges around massive 4000$ per day. Many main banks of world are doing business here as well as the Sri Lankan banks. If you are still in doubt you can ask from your bank about that. You may not get a good explanation. But surely they will provide you a simple description. You can’t join Forex world directly. So it’s important to find the correct broker company for that. You should not invest on your own without an expert advice for this. When you are finding a broker company, you got to look for several factors. Are they registered? What are the ways of withdrawing money from them? These are few of the questions you should think. When you complete this all, there is no other problem with the Forex market’s reliability. You can freely contact me for all these details.

(Some people do not trust even though I say to them repeatedly. When I tell them about an investment, they start asking my details. If you search in internet a bit, you will find what it is very easily. But they don’t know that Sri Lanka banks are doing this business in a large scale. Not like us, who invest only 100$, they invest millions of USD. If you do not trust, don’t join this. It would not fit your thoughts. It’s your duty to think whether you do this, or not. You can comment all your questions. I’ll answer as much as I can.)
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