Downloading the software, Demo accounts and Account verification

I am trying to explain about downloading the software and verifying account you have created. It is easy. This is an essential software we are going to download now. We use this to join the Forex market. It functions similar to the software in our stock market that allows us to do Online Trading. Also it is very easy to work with this software. But you need to learn well first. This software includes many functions we need to do our trading and you will find it useful. 
Even an average computer can run this software. No need of high performance computers. I’ll tell you about the software in next article. Let’s verify the account first. Just follow the sequence I have published and it will be easy for you.

Login in to web site

I hope you remember the details they have given in the end of creating a new account that we described in last article. Now we need them to enter the account. You have to enter the details and login to account. Now you have entered web site which has our account and then entered the details they requested. They are Account number, account password and trader password. Now you are logged in to your account. There are lots of things. I’ll tell about them later. You can ask questions if you have any.

Download software

After Login to Nordfx Account let’s download the software. When you browse downwards you will see a part called Trading Platform. There is an image of it shown below. Do not click on anywhere else. Click on the Download platform from there.
Then a new page will open like this. Click on “Download Meta Trader 4” and automatically the software will be downloaded to your account. Do not click other parts.
Creating New Demo Account Without Investing Any Money 

Now click on the downloaded file and install it. After installing there will be an icon in your computer desktop. Then open it. In first instance that will ask for you to start a new account. It’s useless now and you can remove it. Then go to File in software and click Login. Then insert the details you have saved previously. Enter Account number, Password and trader password. Put “Nordfx real4” to saver. 
(This is only an example. See what is there in your account details and check the saver before filling). Now I am telling you about login in to the real account. You can’t use real account now. You need money to start that account. So you need to create a fake money account. That is called as a Demo account. You can create a Demo account through the real account you created. I have shown the way to create a Demo account in following paragraph. You can create a new one too. You can use this real account after investing some money. Until then save this details somewhere. For the time being you can train yourselves using the Demo account.

Click On the Nordfx Icon in Your Desktop and Open it. Now click "file" and go to "Open An Account" 
Now You can See Some Window Like this one. Fill Required Detail For Open New Demo account. After Fill this Detail Click "Next. Then You will See " Demo Account number and Password" here. Save it. 
Login to Your Demo account 

After Finish Creating Demo account. click "file" and "Login" 

Login = Your Demo Account Number
Password = Your Password in Demo account
Saver = NordGroupInv-Demo

Now you are in the training account. Then read the next few articles and get you training meanwhile. Do not jump from one to other. Then you will lose ultimately. First read all the articles and then enter the business. This account will expire after 2 weeks and you will need real account details afterwards to login. Remember that well. It’s your real account. Don’t tell me that you lost them. See the video given below.

I have given you a video below. If it is still difficult, you can see it as well. 

Let’s verify the account

Do you remember that I said Forex as a very reliable place similar to stock market in Sri Lanka? Due to that reason you have to prove your identity before starting this account and making any transactions. You have to provide ID card copies in Sri Lankan stock market accounts. It’s same in here. It basically because this is a place that money is exchanged and therefore you have to verify the account as a must. It’s not difficult. Just provide them the details they request. But do not give false details. Then they will not transfer the money when you request them. So put the correct details every time. You need following documents to verify this account.
  1. A scanned copy of national identity card / driving license or Passport.
if You have only NIC. No Need to Translate and certify it and send a scanned copy of Your NIC Both of side. But if you have a driving license or passport this is not necessary. Smiply Upload it. See the sample copies I have shown below. You have t do the same way. Remember, only scanned copies.

  1. A scanned image of a bill received within 3 months to the address you have used during signing up.
Anything like mobile bills, electricity bills or credit card bills can be used. If there is no such, send them a scanned copy of address in your bank book. They will accept it as well. But it has to be the same address.
  • Sample Bank Passbook Copy
Get these things ready and you can enter them directly to the web site by yourself. Log in to your nordfx account and there is a part called Upload document. Click on it and enter the names of documents one by one. You got to do this within two weeks as our Demo account will expire within two weeks.

If you have done the job correct, they will verify the account within 2 days. In the above video there is a green verified mark. If your account shows the same it’s verified. 

Let’s verify the deposit card

We have to use cards for the deposits as Sri Lankan banks do not accept wire transfers. Yu can’t use all cards for this. But credit cards can be used. Other than that only VISA international card from HNB, VISA card from Seylan bank and Web card from Sampath bank. All these cards are given for normal accounts as well. If you using cards other than Sampath web card, you have to call card centre and activate the internet payment facility of the card. HNB will give a card by the time you open a certain account. But other bank cards were impossible to use according our members. You can add your cards using these details. At the Moment Many Member told me they can Use, Seylan Visa , Commercial Bank card For Internet Payment By Activating This Internet Payment Facility. 

Step 1

If your card is ready for the Internet payments you can log on to your account and find the stem Visa and Master Card Verification in the second page. Click it. See the image shown below.

In next page there will be a place to add details about the card. 

Now there is another page open for you to insert details. You have to fill it correct or else your card will not be added. See the image below. If you have that page you are in the right place. Now read the following details to add the card. Before Fill this Detail Make sure Your Card is Visa. if it Master card then Choose Card type as Master Card. And It need to be activate for Internet Payment By Calling to Your Bank. Tell them to Activate Your Card for Internet Payment.  

The will ask you a thing called CVV. These are three numbers in the back of your card. Now fill those details and click verify card. They will get a small amount from your card now. Then you can call the card center in the bank and ask them how much they have withdrawn. Ask it correctly from dollars. If not, you can contact live chat from 10 am to 6 pm and ask me after giving your Nordfx account number. Then you have to log in to account again and enter the decreased amount in to the VISA and Master card verification section of the account. Then press the verify button and they will add the reduced amount back to your Forex account. See the video shown below.

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