Making deposits and withdrawal of money

It took some time to write this article as I was busy with providing details such as Technical analysis, Signal and Forecast to those who work with me. If you are working with me, you will also get these details. Now I am going to tell you, how to deposit money in the account and how to withdraw money to Sri Lanka. It’s not a big issue. It’s very easy. But I thought to explain it to beginners by this article. 
In next article we have to discuss about earning profits and how to make deals. So I thought it would be better to finish this as well.

Depositing money

You may remember that we discussed about the verification process in last article. Not only documents but also we discussed about verifying cards as well. Before you making a deposit, it is essential to do the verification. Once you do that you can deposit money. First you have to login to your account. Then go to the Fund Deposit Section of the account. Here I have given you a screen shot of it.
Click on the Fund Deposit and you will get the following page.

Now you can see this page shows many methods that are used to deposit money. You can select ant of them and you can deposit money. You can’t use International Bank Transfer in Sri Lanka. But you can use Credit card, Debit card (HNB, Sampath, Seylan) via the VISA and MasterCard option. But if it is American Express, you can’t deposit money directly through this method. You have to deposit money via a money booker international account. If you are using cards, your money will be directly deposited to your account and you can do transactions easily. 

Ok, Now If You have Above Available card for Deposit Money. Click on "visa And Master card' icon. You can See Another Page Like this one. 

Don'r Forget, Before You add Fund to Your account, You need to verify Your Card First. that Detail Available in Previous Article. if You Already verified Your card. Add card details and Click "Add Funds" Button. 

A - Deposit Amount - Enter Amount you like to Deposit. Ex. 100, 500 , 1000

B - Enter Full Card number

C - Enter Expiration Date of Your card, it's Available in Under of Your card Number

D - CVV2 Number available in back Side of Your card. Last 3 Number

E - Enter Your First and Last name

Now click on " Add Funds" Icon, if All are correct. You are Done. 
Money Withdrawal

I’ll tell you how to withdraw money from your account and bring them to Sri Lanka. It is easy as deposing. No any difficulty. You can have it within 3 days time. Actually you can directly withdraw money to your card from here. But it is easier to take them via a Bank account. Before pressing withdraw you have to do one thing. Now your money is not in your account balance. They are in MT4 balance as we are using the software to do this. So you have to bring money to your account first and then you can withdraw. MT4 is for your deals. Bit account can be used for your own measures such as withdrawing and transferring to another account. See the image below
Take money from MT4 to Account before withdrawing. Click the first one in image. Then you will get this. After Seen Enter Amount, You can Get Your Mt4 Money to Account balance. Check Following Image. 
Then put the amount you need to withdraw and click on Withdraw Funds. Then money will be deposited to your account. Now you can take money. Then go to first page and click on Fund Deposit Section’s Withdrawal. Then you will get this.

Click on bank wire transfer to take money. Then a page will come to enter your bank details.

Fill these carefully. Everything has to match. See the following details.

  • Account name-: This bank account name. It is equal to your nordfx account name.
  • Account number-: Bank account number
  • Address-: Your address. Data must be equal to nordfx account details.
  • Bank Name-: HNB, Sampath, BOC etc
  • Swift code-: Ask from your bank. They’ll tell you this code which is used to identify a bank internationally.
  • Amount-: Enter the amount of money you are withdrawing. Least amount is 50$.
  • Currency-: Enter USD
  • Comment-: Leave it blank.

Then submit these and you’ll get a page with a PIN number. You need this PIN to withdraw money. It is there in the details you got during account opening. Enter it here and you can get your money. It will be available in 3 or 5 days.

Important : Minimum Withdrawal Amount is $ 50, maximum No any limit. 

Ask if you have any queries.
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